Dvorák, Antonín
Six Moravian Duets
Edition no.
H 7718
Janácek, Leoš
Instrumentation of the work
Choir, Piano
Product format
Choral score, Performance score
Mixed choir (SATB), Piano
Pages / Format
31,2 x 23,5 cm
Moravian Duets, a popular composition that was originallyintended for home music-making,won young Dvorak a scholarship and relieved him of financial worries; after thecompositionwas published by Simrock, it also launched Dvorak's international career. Shortlyafter theirpublication, Janacek arranged six duets from Op. 29 and Op. 32 for four-partmixed choirusing Dvorak's piano accompaniment. Janacek thus extended the choral repertoirebyadding six highly rewarding pieces which are included in this edition. Thebasis for thisedition is Janacek's choral score published in 1939 by Josef Plavec. The pianopart,Czech text and German translation by Kurt Honolka were taken, without anychanges,from the Complete Critical Edition of Works by Antonin Dvorak.

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