Martinu, Bohuslav
Quatre Mouvements
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Quatre mouvements (Four Movements) for piano, composed in Paris during Easter 1929, is being published for the first time. The autograph of the composition (6 sheets, 272 x 350), of which the first is the title page, the next nine sides are filled with musical notation, the last two sides are empty) is the property of Milos Safrinek, who most willingly lent it to the publishers to prepare this edition.

Title page: A Monsieur I Milos [sic] Safranek [sic] I Quatre mouvements | B. Martinu | Bohuslav Martinu | Paris Paques 1929. There is a line drawn through a question mark over the title; the author, evidently, was undecided at the beginning about the name of the composition and added it in pencil, whereas all the rest of the information on the title page is written in pen.

At the end of the 4th movement the composer wrote: B. Martinu | Paris 23 Mars 1929.
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