Dvorák, Antonín
Biblical Songs op. 99
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Volume / Series
The Complete Works of Antonín Dvorák. Volume VI/2
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Singing Score
Soprano solo, Tenor solo, Piano
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31,0 x 23,5 cm
This cycle of ten songs for solo voice with pianoaccompaniment based on texts from theBook of Psalms was written by Antonin Dvorak (1841-1904) in the spring of 1894during histime in America. Shortly before this, he had received news of the death of hismost importantcontemporaries in the field of composition (Tchaikovsky, Gounod, Bülow) andalso news fromhome that his 80-year-old father had died. The choice of verse was notcoincidental: evidently the composer knew the Book of Psalms well and deliberately selected textswhich variedthematically from one another, in such a way that expressions of anxioussupplicationalternated with those of solace and trust. The result is a highly intimatework, rare for itspure and balanced style alone, among other qualities - the vocal lines ofBiblical Songsare free of anything that might have had a hint of ostentation. This version istransposedfor soprano (tenor) with piano accompaniment. This title is part of the firstCompleteCritical Edition of Works by Antonin Dvorak.

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