Die Musik in Geschichte und Gegenwart
Subject Encyclopedia, Volume 6: Meis-Mus
The new MGG
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Finscher, Ludwig
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The Subject Encyclopedia
The Subject Encyclopedia is unique in its conception. It comprises 9 volumes (plus one index volume) containing more than 1,500 entries with detailed information on music aesthetics and theory, epochs and genres, church music and pop music, instruments and manuscripts as well as cities and countries. Due to the extensive nature of the entries with their frequent subdivisions, the MGG conforms truly to the meaning of the word encyclopedia .
Apart from the more standard entries the Subject Encyclopedia also includes comprehensive articles on institutions (music libraries, the music library lending industry), on music iconographical subjects, on correlated relationships to the other arts (for example colour-tone relationships, the reception towards jazz, the encyclopedia entry music, etc).
Numerous specialists on a worldwide basis have made this overall picture possible. Many illustrations (mostly in colour), music examples, comprehensive literature lists and cross references supplement the detailed texts.

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