Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus
Piano Concerto C minor K. 491
Autograph: Royal College of Music, London
Edition no.
BVK 1927
Volume / Series
Documenta musicologica II/48 / Bärenreiter Facsimile
Levin, Robert D.
Language(s) of work
English, German
Product format
Half-leather binding
Pages / Format
114 S. - 28,2 x 34,3 cm
A fascinating insight into Mozart’s art of composition

Mozart’s Piano Concerto in C minor K.491 is one of his best-known works in the genre, not least because of the special character of ist minor key (rarely encountered in Mozart’s music) and the dramatic contrast between the soloist and orchestra.

Equally unusual is the autograph manuscript. Here Mozart made an exception by producing sketches that he later enlarged and extensively revised for the score. On the one hand this allows us to retrace his creative process, on the other hand in some passages the definitive readings are almost illegible, especially in the piano part.

This facsimile edition enables everyone to form their own opinion of the questionable passages. Mozart’s work appears here for the first time in a colour facsimile, making it possible to easily recognise the contrasting colours of ink.

The renowned Mozart scholar and pianist Robert D. Levin explains Mozart’s method of composition and guides the reader page by page through the autograph.

Highest Authenticity

The seal is used exclusively for facsimile editions published by Bärenreiter which meet the highest demands in both scholarly and technical terms.

The distinguishing features include:
• a facsimile in high-quality colour printing
• scholarly commentary
• attractive cover design

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