Isherwood, Nicholas
The Techniques of Singing
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The music of the 20th and 21st centuries demands a notably larger spectrum of abilities than traditional vocal literature. Nicholas Isherwood describes these techniques with numerous examples, gives practice tips and demonstrates the techniques on the CD included with this book.

Using Berio’s “Sequenza III” as an example, Isherwood shows how a singer can learn such a work, step by step. The book also includes an overview of solo vocal repertoire and makes reference to pieces that might be suitable for a singer with little experience in the music of the 20th and 21st centuries.

Composers will also benefit from this book, thanks in particular to information on vocal registers, their limits and possibilities. In addition, the musical examples provide an insight into various notation possibilities.

Includes chapters on the following themes:
- From whispering to screaming
- The use of electronic amplification
- Micro-intervals
- Multiphonics
- Vibrato
- Register
- Flexibility
- Singing and acting
- Improvisation

The author
Bass-baritone Nicholas Isherwood is one of the leading singers of contemporary music around the world today. He has worked with many notable conductors, directors and composers, among them Bussotti, Carter, Crumb, Henze, Kagel, Kurtág, Messiaen, Scelsi, Stockhausen and Xenakis and has taken part in over 50 recordings. Isherwood is also an active composer, director and teacher.

"this volume is not only useful for singers, but also for composers and anyone who is interested in a history and summary of contemporary vocal techniques. Isherwood's ability to relate bel canto technique to the demands of works written since 1950 is ectremely useful, especially for singers who are exkloring avant garde music for the first time."
(Journal of Singing September/October 2014)

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Press reviews
„Das Buch ist zusammengestellt wie ein liebevoll komponiertes Menü … ein Bekenntnis zur klassischen Gesangstechnik als Grundlage für die Bewältigung zeitgenössischer Musik.“
(Sabine Layer, Chorpfalz 2/2020)
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