Dvorák, Antonín
Concerto for Violoncello and Orchestra in B minor op. 104
Autograph: Národni muzeum - Ceské muzeum hudby Praha
Edition no.
BVK 1849
Volume / Series
Documenta musicologica II/43 / Bärenreiter Facsimile
Smaczny, Jan / Dehner, Jan
Language(s) of work
English, Czech, German
Product format
Half-cloth binding
Pages / Format
190 S. - 27,0 x 35,0 cm
Antonín Dvorák wrote his cello concerto in the “New World” during his second visit to America. It is a work which reflects both his musical impressions of that country as well as his yearning for his native land.

Although Dvorák had his reservations about the cello as a solo instrument, he succeeded in creating an exceptional composition which is one of the most popular orchestral works of today.

In keeping with Bärenreiter´s longterm commitment to Czech music, Dvorák’s Cello Concerto is now being published in the BÄRENREITER FACSIMILE series in collaboration with the Narodní muzeum, Prague. It contains not only the complete manuscript of the full score, but also Dvorák’s own piano reduction which is an important source.

In his commentary, Jan Smaczny comments on the history of the work’s composition and its reception. He also points out particularly interesting parts in the manuscript.

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