Levine, Carin / Mitropoulos-Bott, Christina
The Techniques of Flute Playing II / Die Spieltechnik der Flöte II
Piccolo, Alto and Bass Flute / Piccolo, Alt- und Bassflöte
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English, German
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Book, CD
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127 S. - 29,0 x 21,0 cm
Following the great success of The Techniques of Flute Playing I for concert flute, the second volume systematically addresses all aspects of sound production and performance technique for piccolo, alto, and bass flute. Techniques are introduced using instructive examples from the repertoire, which also provide information on special notation; while valuable practice instructions guide the way to their application. Using the supplemented CD, players can compare the resulting sounds to a recording of Carin Levine. The volume presents an invaluable and applicable resource for composers, players, and pedagogues.

- Comprehensive and systematic coverage of all relevant contemporary performance techniques for piccolo, alto, and bass flute
- Accessible explanations of sound characteristics
- Didactic suggestions and practice tips
- CD provides audio samples
- Representative notation examples taken from contemporary repertory
- Tried-and-tested with all common types of piccolo, alto, and bass flutes
- Text in English and German
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