Reischert, Alexander
Kompendium der musikalischen Sujets
Ein Werkkatalog. 2 Bände
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BVK 1427
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A complete reference guide which comprises all the historical, literary, mythological and religious subjects found in vocal and instrumental works. Approximately 1500 subjects appear in alphabetical order. Every single entry presents a concise introduction in which historical references and important literary adaptions are presented. In addition there is an index containing all musical works in which these subjects appear.
Each musical work entry contains the following:
- Literary, historical, mythological and religious sources
- Genre (opera, oratorium , orchestral work, song, etc.)
- Place and date of composition
- Premiere of performance
- Publication
- Duration of performance

This is an all-inclusive lexicon taking not only vocal and instrumental works into account, but also lost, unpublished and fragmental pieces. The chronological display of the works enables the reader to follow the way in which a subject has been handled. A person and subject index assures easy access for any specified search.

Among the features of this expansive two volume set are:
- Over 17,000 subject-related compositions scanning five decades
- More than 12,000 composers, writers, choreographers, artists and directors

These two volumes are a wealth of information and an extremely useful reference guide for musicologists, editors, journalists, librarians, historians, church musicians, cultural historians, conductors, students, literary academics and classical philologists. It is an essential reference for every music-lover, student and professional.

The editor
Alexander Reischert is a musicologist, editor, reviewer, author and Product Manager for New Media.
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