Brahms, Johannes
Sonata for Violin and Piano in A major op. 100
Edition no.
BA 9432
Volume / Series
Brown, Clive / Costa, Neal Peres Da
Instrumentation of the work
Violin, Piano
Language(s) of text
English, German
Product format
Performance score, Part, Urtext edition
Violin, Piano
Pages / Format
XXXVI, 32/7/7 S. - 31,0 x 24,0 cm
Brahms composed his “Violin Sonata in A major” during the summer of 1886. The work quickly became part of the standard repertoire and has remained so until today. It is presented here in a fine Bärenreiter Urtext edition and comes with an unmarked Urtext part as well as a second part marked with fingering and bowing by Clive Brown which are based on the practices of Brahms‘ contemporaries.

An important part of this edition is the extensive preface. Firstly it informs about the works‘ origins, its compositional process, pre-publication performances, its publication history as well as early reception. Truly remarkable is the unique Performance Practice Commentary. Here the editors take the premise that already a few decades after Brahms‘ death a widening gulf developed between the composer’s expectations and the performance practices of the early 20th century. In a very concrete and practical way, the editors summarize some of the key issues in understanding Brahms‘ notation with regard to rhythm and timing, dynamics and accentuation, dots and strokes, slurring and non legato, piano pedalling and overholding, piano arpeggiation and dislocation, string instrument fingering, string instrument harmonics and vibrato. In this way, the edition offers an exciting and often surprising insight in Romantic musical interpretation.

- A pioneering Urtext edition
- With an unmarked Urtext part
- With a second part including fingering and bowing based on the practices of Joseph Joachim and other contemporaries of Brahms
- With an extensive Performance Practice Commentary
- For further information on Romantic performance practice we recommend: “Performance Practices in Johannes Brahms‘ Chamber Music”, text booklet, BA 9600
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Press reviews
“With the publication of these editions, Bärenreiter has undoubtedly offered a wealth of new insights and interpretive possibilities to performers, particularly to those devoted to high textual standards and a nuanced, historical approach to Brahms’s works for violin and piano, based on sources contemporary with the composer. All five of these volumes share one goal: allowing today’s performers an approximation of the style and aesthetic practiced by the musicians in Brahms’s circle. The entire set of scores is supported by a supplemental volume, Performance Practices in Johannes Brahms’ Chamber Music. Together these publications form a challenging and helpful resource. … Where possible, Brown draws sensible conclusions, derived from extensive research in numerous primary sources, but where necessary, he presents conflicting evidence so that the final choices and interpretive decisions remain with the performer who is thus more than well equipped to make informed decisions.”
(Katharina Uhde, Nineteenth-Century Music Review May 2019
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