Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus
Sonata for Piano in A major K. 331 (300i)
with the Rondo "Alla Turca"
Edition no.
Volume / Series
Aschauer, Mario
Instrumentation of the work
Language(s) of text
German, English
Product format
Performance score, Urtext edition
Replaces BA 9178; has been replaced by BA 11816
Pages / Format
XVII, 32 S. - 31,0 x 24,3 cm
Published in 1784, Mozart’s Sonata in A major “for clavier solo”, with the famous Rondo “Alla Turca” finale, is one of the most popular works in the entire piano literature.
Now a newly resurfaced section of the autograph has prompted Bärenreiter to issue an up-to-date Urtext edition of this celebrated piece. The editor, Mario Aschauer, has set new editorial standards and offers the most innovative methodological approach of our time. His scholarly-critical performance edition is the only one to remain entirely true to the sources by presenting the musical text of the autograph and the original print separately.
Both forms of the sonata are historically legitimate; the editor has not merged the sources to produce a new text. The section on performance practice provides valuable information on Mozart’s claviers as well as on the refinement of touch, articulation, pedalling and ornamentation.

• Foreword with new insights into the work’s publication history (Eng/Ger)
• Optimum page-turns and well-presented engraving
• Critical Commentary (Eng)
• Includes valuable information on performance practice
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Press reviews
„every aspect of this publication oozes class. from the high-quality soft-touch cover … through the spacious and crystal-clear music and text engraving, to the gorgeous cream paper, and no-expense-spared priority given to generous critical commentary, editorial notes, preface and footnotes […] I think that the Bärenreiter Urtext edition of Mozart’s K.331 is now the one to own and use. With its painstaking research, outstanding commentary and background information, and above all by presenting both versions of the work, Mario Aschauer’s edition is a singular achievement.“( 24.8.2017)

„this edition will be an indispensable instrument for students and scholars: […] With this work Bärenreiter has made every other edition obsolete because it definitively eliminated the undeserved and apocryphal additions reported in other publications.“
(, 19.9.2017)
Lieferbarkeitsanzeigeout of print (Replaces BA 9178; has been replaced by BA 11816)

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