Beethoven, Ludwig van
Concerto for Pianoforte and Orchestra no. 4 op. 58
arranged for Pianoforte and String Quintet
- First ever publication of this arrangement
- Includes a separate solo part as was customary in Beethoven’s day
- Provides new possibilities for soloists to perform this work
Edition no.
Volume / Series
Del Mar, Jonathan
Instrumentation of the work
Piano sextet
Language(s) of text
English, German
Product format
Score, Set of parts, Urtext edition
Piano, Violin (2), Viola (2), Violoncello
Pages / Format
IV, 55/11/11/11/12/10/55 S. - 31,0 x 24,3 cm
This anonymous sextet arrangement of Beethoven’s Fourth Piano Concerto was highly popular in Vienna during the composer’s lifetime.
We know this from at least two sets of handwritten parts which were then in circulation.

No piano part has been handed down; indeed, the original sets of parts probably omitted the piano.
The soloist presumably studied his part from the first edition of the solo part, published with the original performance material in 1808. (The full score did not appear until 1861).

The sextet version deftly integrates the original wind parts into the string texture.
The arrangement stands in the tradition of piano reductions with chamber music accompaniment, of the sort which were also made for Mozart’s piano concertos K. 413 to 415 and later for the Chopin concertos.

This Urtext edition, edited by the renowned Beethoven scholar Jonathan Del Mar, presents this arrangement for the first time in print.
The musical text is supplemented by an informative Introduction and a Critical Commentary.
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