Beethoven, Ludwig van
The Nine Symphonies
Edition no.
BA 9000
Volume / Series
Del Mar, Jonathan
Language(s) of text
German, English
Product format
Score, Anthology, Urtext edition
in a slipcase
Pages / Format
1186 S. - 32,2 x 25,0 cm
Between 1996 and 2000 Bärenreiter published scholarly-critical editions of Beethoven's Nine Symphonies edited by the first class musicologist Jonathan Del Mar. The editorial process was a huge undertaking because of the complex source situation regarding Beethoven's Symphonies culminating in the Choral Symphony which came down to us in nearly 20 different sources. So it was not surprising that Bärenreiter's new Urtext edition caused a considerable stir in the music world. Since publication, Del Mar's edition enjoys the unabashed praise of conductors, performers and critics alike and has become the most widely used publication of the Beethoven Symphonies which can be heard not only every day in concert halls, but also on CD recordings by John Eliot Gardiner, David Zinman, Jos van Immerseel and Claudio Abbado.

- A new reference set of Beethoven’s Symphonies for students, conductors and libraries

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