Jansson, Mårten
Stillae (Drops) for mixed choir (SSATB)
- Preisträgerkomposition für den Gewinner des Mårten Jansson Chorwettbewerbs 2018
- Der Tropfen als klangliches Leitbild
- Text (lat.) von Charles Anthony Silvestri
Edition no.
BA 8528
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Choral score
Mixed choir (SSATBB)
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11 S. - 27,0 x 19,0 cm
“Stillae” was composed for the “Jugendkonzertchor der Chorakademie Dortmund” who won first prize in the “Mårten Jansson Choral Competition” in 2018. The American poet Charles Anthony Silvestri wrote the lyrics.

The poem is divided in four short clear Latin verses resembling the form of medieval poetry. The first three verses offer short glimpses of Mary’s life with Jesus described through different kinds of drops – Stillae:
Drops of water – when she bathes her tiny son
Drops of tears – when she cries while pondering his fate, and finally
Drops of blood – that fall on her face from the cross

The music and lyrics paint this transition from happiness to worry and deepest grief, concluding in a final verse; a still prayer to Mary to take our drops, our prayers, and offer them to Jesus.
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