Cofalik, Antoni / Twardowski, Romuald
At the Zoo for Cello and Piano
- Easy cello pieces with piano accompaniment
- Teaches technical skills in a spirit of fun
- Imaginative melodies
- Colourful illustrations
Edition no.
Instrumentation of the work
Violoncello, Piano
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Performance score, Part
Violoncello, Piano
Pages / Format
20/16 S. - 29,7 x 21,0 cm
Young cellists (and their teachers and parents) will have fun taking this musical promenade through the zoo. Animals from A to Z help young learners to master cello techniques and skills in a spirit of fun. Tiny ants form caravans with minuscule footsteps, a lion roars in two-part counterpoint, a seal frolics in a liquid 6/8, and two little donkeys draw attention with daring glissandos.

The colour illustrations by the well-known Polish artist Marcin Bruchnalski whet the curiosity for each piece and capture its character with a wink of the eye.

The Authors
Antoni Cofalik , Polish violin teacher and author of the well-known violin tutor “Das Geigen -ABC”

Romuald Twardowski , pianist and composer

Marcin Bruchnalski , schoolbook illustrator and cartoonist
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