Händel, Georg Friedrich
Tolomeo, Re d'Egitto HWV 25
Dramma per musica in thre acts
Edition no.
BA 4058
Volume / Series
Hallische Händel-Ausgabe. Serie II, Band 22
Pacholke, Michael
Language(s) of work
Product format
Complete edition, Score, Urtext edition
Pages / Format
XLVIII, 325 S. - 33,1 x 25,6 cm
“ Tolomeo ” was Handel’s last opera for the Royal Academy of Music in London . Composed between March and 19 April 1728, it was premiered on 30 April. Handel revived the opera several times further: in 1730 in an extensive revision, with seven performances, and in 1733 with four performances.
The historical background is the dispute between Cleopatra III and her younger son Ptolemaio X Alexander I ( Tolomeo ). In 110 BC Cleopatra drove Tolomeo out of Egypt . She died, irreconciled to him, in 101 BC.

The new vocal score is based on the “Halle Handel Edition” (vol. II/20), published in 2000. The main part contains the version from the premiere. The extensive appendix also enables later versions to be performed.

  • Based on the Urtext of the Halle Handel Edition
  • Thoroughly revised, practical performing vocal score
  • Italian text, with German singing translation
  • Detailed foreword in two languages (German/English)
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