Derry, Siân
Figurations and Exercises for Piano. Beethoven on Piano Playing.
- Previously unpublished figurations and exercises by Beethoven
- Beethoven’s authoritative pronouncements on the performance of his piano music
- All texts in German and English
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English, German
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To the end of his days Beethoven devoted himself intensively to questions of piano technique and teaching. He left behind some 300 figurations and exercises covering every aspect of piano playing, whether for himself or for his students. Siân Derry has made a representative selection of these figurations and exercises on such central issues as fingering, pedalling, trills, articulation, dynamics and instruments illuminating those much-discussed problems of Beethoven interpretation, all related to specific passages in his piano music and contemporary piano methodology. This soft-cover manual offers a wealth of first-hand valuable information on performance practice. An indispensable contribution to the interpretation of Beethoven’s piano music, it presents many of his figurations and exercises, some of which appear for the first time in print.
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