Sommer, Lukáš
I Want to Be a Guitarist
Easy Pieces for Guitar
- Guitar playing made easy
- A fun way to learn to read music and to enhance musical creativity
- Wide range of styles and playing techniques
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BA 11555
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Czech, English, German
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This children’s album by renowned Czech composer-guitarist Lukáš Sommer reflects the latest trends in playing and teaching the guitar. It is suitable for the first three years of lessons. Some of the pieces have even been performed by children and young guitar students at competitions and concerts in Europe.

Each of these little programme pieces is written in a different style with brief explanations of its technical features. Several are composed in an open-ended form that allows players to define the rhythm or to add an accompaniment on open bass strings. In this way the author grants leeway to the learners’ creativity and stimulates their musical imagination.

The pieces are easy to play and the edition comes with attractive illustrations, some of which can be coloured in.
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