Schlee, Thomas Daniel
Suite für Violine und Klavier op. 82
-Virtuosic concert work
-Demanding violin and piano parts
-Worthwhile addition to the chamber music repertoire
Edition no.
BA 11086
Instrumentation of the work
Violin, Piano
Product format
Performance score, Part (1)
Violin, Piano
Uraufführung 24.10.2017, Wien
Pages / Format
20/9 S. - 32,5 x 25,5 cm
A suite whose movements always deliver something other than what they seem to promise. But throughout, the two instruments and respectively their players act like two people in very specific situations:

I.: The opening movement is reserved for the piano; the initially earnest, solitary cantilena intensifies creating expectation. Suddenly
II.: the violin sounds. Its moving figures replace the now silent piano, also soloistically.
III. „Passacaglia“: The title is taken literally – the two instruments/persons encounter each other in the street. Two musical characters who meet at a specific point, recognize each other, but move on again, each one by itself.
IV. „Rondo“: The two of them dance together. Before me, I saw people dancing the Sardana – a round dance – in front of the cathedral of Barcelona. Four themes in different time signatures circle ceaselessly between the two instruments.
V. „Fuga“: At last, regardless, panic flight – again the title is taken literally ... Human, only too human …
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