Liszt, Franz
Piano Pieces from the Years 1880–1885
- New scholarly-critical edition faithful to the sources, with an informative Foreword (Ger/Eng) and detailed Critical Commentary (Eng)
- Valuable performance suggestions by Steffen Schleiermacher (Ger/Eng)
- Ideal for teaching purposes
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BA 10871
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Kube, Michael
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German, English
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Performance score, Urtext edition, Anthology
The significance of Liszt’s late piano pieces has been the subject of much debate. On the one hand they are considered heralds of the elderly Liszt’s waning inspiration; on the other hand, they are praised as being visionary pieces on the basis of their radical simplicity as well as bold harmonic language. This edition gathers together some of the pieces most revealing of Liszt’s late style. As they are of moderate difficulty, they are also particularly suited for piano lessons. The editor has consulted previously neglected sources and describes the genesis and source tradition of the pieces in the Foreword. The Critical Commentary provides information on alternative readings and editorial decisions. An elegant engraving, practical page turns and valuable performance suggestions by the acclaimed pianist Steffen Schleiermacher make this long-overdue new scholarly edition indispensable for pianists.
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