Schubert, Franz
Fantasies for Piano
Edition no.
BA 10862
Volume / Series
Dürr, Walther / Goldberger, David
Language(s) of text
German, English
Product format
Performance score(s), Anthology, Urtext edition
Replaces BA 19101
Pages / Format
XIV/38 S. - 31,0 x 24,3 cm
Early evidence of Schubert’s interest in music of the past can be found in his “Fantasy in C minor” of 1811 (D 2 E), with its echoes of Mozart’s fantasy in the same key. A recurring motivic snippet in the virtuosic “Graz Fantasy” in C major (D 605 A), probably composed between 1818 and 1821, already foreshadows the monumental “Wanderer Fantasy” of 1822 (op. 15 - D 760).

Printed with spacious new engraving, BA 10862 unites Schubert’s great fantasies for solo piano in a single volume and presents the early work “Fantasy in C minor” for the first time in a scholarly-critical Urtext edition. It offers advanced pupils, students and professional pianists a richly varied, musically and technically thrilling addition to their repertoire. The edition features notes on performance practice, an informative preface, practical page turns and an elegant engraving.

The most famous of the fantasies, the Wanderer Fantasy, now appears in a separate edition (BA 10870).

While Schubert was playing the Wanderer Fantasy for a circle of friends, he faltered and exclaimed impatiently: The Devil should play this stuff!”
Yet it wasn’t the Devil but Liszt – like Schumann a great admirer of the piece – who later arranged the Wanderer Fantasy for piano and orchestra and again for two pianos. It was also Liszt who gave the work the nickname it has retained to the present day.

• Based on the Urtext of the New Schubert Edition
• First scholarly-critical performing edition of the Fantasy in C minor (D 2 E)
• Notes on performance practice (Ger/Eng)
• Includes an informative foreword (Ger/Eng) and a Critical Commentary (Eng)

“Fantasy in C minor” D 2 E
“Fantasy in C major” D 605 A “Graz Fantasy”
“Fantasy in C major”, op. 15 – D 760 “Wanderer Fantasy”
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