Gluck biography

about the authors:

Gerhard Croll studied musicology in Göttingen with Rudolf Gerber. In 1966 he founded the Institut für Musikwissenschaft at the Paris Lodron University Salzburg; he became an emeritus professor in 1993. He was General Editor of the Gluck Complete Works from 1960-90. He is editor of the journal Gluck-Studien and a member of the research staff at the New Mozart Edition.

Renate Croll studied piano at the Düsseldorf Conservatoire (graduating as a state qualified private music teacher) and has been involved in Gerhard Croll’s scholarly work.

more about the publication:

authors: Gerhard and Renate Croll
first published in June 2010
287 pages with about 20 illustrations
BVK 2166  |  ISBN 978-3-7618-2166-4  

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