Renate Klöppel, Sabine Vliex: Helping children through ryhthm

Childhood aggression, disruptive behaviour, and a craving for recognition pose major challenges for every teacher, while timidity, insecurity, and a lack of self-confidence are often unnoticed and their effects underestimated.

“Helping Children through rhythm” puts teachers in a position to understand behaviourally challenged children quickly and competently and to learn more about the causes of their disabilities. It shows how rhythm can be used to provide help and offers general recommendations (many drawn from behavioural psychology) for dealing with disturbed children. Well over one-hundred exercises, games and songs, classified by points of emphasis, allow readers to turn theory into practice.

Author: Klöppel, Renate; Vliex, Sabine
first published 2004, second printing 2008
ISBN: 978-3-7649-2446-1
Pages: 203
With a lot of exercises, games and songs

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