Christoph Heimbucher / Dietmar Griese: Bach - The picture book

Here the author leads young readers to Johann Sebastian Bach by placing him in his personal surroundings and garnishing his life story with brief tales and anecdotes. What did it feel like to be an orphan raised by his older brother? to have to earn his living as a musician while still a teenager? to have to feed a large family with his music?  to play for the King of Prussia and spend his time coping with untalented choirboys? Here we see Bach’s life in the large and in many revealing details, conjuring up a vivid and lively portrait of this Baroque master and his times through a combination of words and pictures.

Authors: Heimbucher, Christoph / Griese, Dietmar
First published in 2005
pages: 32
ISBN 978-3-7618-1771-1

The translation rights are not available anymore for Japan

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