Carin Levine / Christina Mitropoulos-Bott, The techniques of Flute playing

Carin Levine, a proponent of new flute music, and Christina Mitropoulos-Bott have produced a book that systematically explains the full technical and timbral range of the flute in contemporary music. The techniques are illustrated by instructive examples from the repertoire that also shed light on special features of notation. Valuable instructions and tips for practicing pave the way to successful execution. The book, written in German and English, is an indispensable resource for composers as well as performers and teachers.

Authors: Levine, Carin / Mitropoulos-Bott, Christina
first published 2002, 3rd printing 2009
ISBN : 978-3-7618-1595-3
pages: 143
bound in boards

The translation rights are not available anymore for Korea.

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