Bernhard Morbach, The musical world of the Middle Ages

The Middle Ages witnessed the birth of European music, the first tentative steps toward polyphony.

Bernhard Morbach illuminates this exciting development in twenty chapters, discussing innovations in France and Italy no less than the musical "worlds" of Spain and England. Readers are also introduced to the ideas of medieval philosophers, theologians, and musicians as they attempt to answer the seemingly simple question, "What is music?" Medieval readings provide information directly from the source - but always with explanations in plain language.

The combined audio/data CD, for computers and stereo sets, contains the compositions discussed in the text in pdf format, enabling readers to form a complete picture even without music notation software. Additional listening examples provide easy access to the structures of medieval music.

Author: Morbach, Bernhard
first published 2004, 2nd printing 2005
ISBN: 978-3-7618-1529-8
pages: 225
with many illustrations and 50 works on audio/data CD

The translation rights are not anymore available for Japan

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