Ralf Beiderwieden: Teaching Music

Music instruction tends to be downplayed in education today. A music teacher has one or at most two hours a week to manage a task that is anything but simple: conveying the basics of music to the pupils. This is the starting point of the present book, which gives today’s music teacher a systematic methodology to make the most of classroom instruction.

Specific approaches are offered in the following areas:
- Essentials
- Lesson design
- Organization
- Music theory
- Composing
- Music education
- Grading
- Aids and obstacles

The author points out how to achieve a balance between theoretical knowledge and practical application in singing or listening to music. Besides the standard terminology of music education, he introduces new concepts and their meanings in a straightforward manner. The book is designed to function as a toolbox that will enable teachers to teach music appropriately and successfully.

Author: Beiderwieden, Ralf
first published in 2008
ISBN: 978-3-7649-2656-4
Pages: 210
with 87 illustrations, bound in boards

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