Philipp Astner / Ulf Matz: rhythm kicks

Philipp Astner and Ulf Matz have developed a self-sufficient and field-tested system that allows children to easily beat, clap, shout, and especially swing in small or classroom-size groups.

All that is needed are standard percussion instruments, body percussion, and everyday objects.

The first chapter contains warm-ups and exercises to train the arm and hand muscles and to introduce a solid and relaxed percussion technique. The pieces in Chapter 2 require no knowledge of musical notation. Varied and easily mastered motions introduce pupils to elementary principles of form. Chapter 3 allows pupils to improve their grasp of musical notation. The level and scope are chosen so that they can soon play their parts by heart, e.g. in "Xylotechno." Groups already well-versed in performance technique and in handling rhythmic structures and changes of meter will find further challenges in Chapter 4, such as the "Fugue for Tom and Bongos," which can be played in duple rhythm or swing triplets. Chapter 5 then provides useful tips on using the material in lessons, caring for the instruments, tuning the membranophones, and basic playing and percussion techniques. Rounding off the volume is a glossary of key terms and concepts. An accompanying CD contains all the pieces from Chapter 2 on as a guide and preparation for teachers - and as an inspiring listening experience for learners!

Authors: Astner, Philipp / Matz, Ulf
first published in April 2010
ISBN 978-3-7649-2647-2
Pages: 104
with audio CD and a lot of photos
bound in boards

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