Ingo Schultz, Viktor Ullmann

Viktor Ullmann's opera "Der Kaiser von Atlantis" ("The Emperor of Atlantis") and his chamber music, above all the Third String Quartet, are heard increasingly often in our theaters and concert halls. He created them in the Theresienstadt concentration camp, only to be deported to Auschwitz a short while later and murdered.

Yet Ingo Schultz does not limit the composer and music to this single period in his life. He depicts Ullmann's youth in Cieszyn and Vienna, describes his burgeoning career as a conductor and composer in post-war Prague, and ends with the great final works from his Theresienstadt period.

Ullmann's music reveals the influence of Gustav Mahler, Alban Berg, and the early Arnold Schoenberg. The discussions of his works conjure up the portrait of a composer whose distinctive voice found expression in sophisticated harmony, unconventional counterpoint, and a fascinating mysteriousness.

Author: Schultz, Ingo
first published 2008
ISBN: 978-3-7618-2031-5
pages: 279
with 56 illustrations and catalogue of works

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