Silke Leopold, Handel's operas

Handel's operas are not historical moments, but living theater. Recently they have been increasingly performed in their original form rather than being distorted by arrangements. Many of Handel's roughly forty operas have been released on CD and DVD, and some have even managed to enter the repertoire. Yet opera seria still has a reputation for being formulaic, rigid, and undramatic.

The purpose of this book is to explode this preconception and to explain the lasting magnetism of Handel's stage works. In ten chapters Silke Leopold treats Handel's music and his ability to impart uniqueness to his characters in their arias and ensembles. The second part is a comprehensive lexicon of all Handel operas, with detailed information on their scoring, subject-matter, and contents.

Author: Leopold, Silke
first published 2009
ISBN: 978-3-7618-1991-3
pages: 324
cloth with slipcover

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