Martina Freytag, Warming up

In this latest of her many publications, Martina Freytag prepares the groundwork for a full command of the voice and an intensive emotional delivery. Its exercises - a boon for all singers, no matter what their level of expertise - provide a solid basis for preparing choral rehearsals and developing the voice over a period of years.

Whether for private use at home or as a rich compendium for choral conductors, the volume offers varied and comprehensive material on every relevant topic, including resonance, vowels, legato vs. non-legato, register, dynamics, tone production, and vibrato. To develop a voice, it is not enough to have a command of human physiology. From childhood on, singers have an intuitive grasp of their voice and therefore often respond more readily to metaphors than to facts intended to improve their singing. Any change in their inner attitude to tone will also change their singing. Vocal intensity increases when every note is backed up by a specific intention evoked by mental images, feelings, or interpretations of the words.

The physiological background of singing is imaginatively packed into forty vocal exercises so that it can be understood and felt by singers. At every turn their personal motivation for developing their voice is called into question. An accompanying CD contains piano accompaniments for the forty exercises in the form of audio files to sing along with and PDF files for the accompanist.

Author: Freytag, Martina
first published 2009, 2nd printing 2010
ISBN: 978-3-7649-2648-9
Pages: 112
bound in boards, with CD

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