Wilhelm Ehmann, Frauke Haasemann: A guide to Choral Voice Training

This guide enables choral conductors to promote their singers in a meaningful way and to prepare them for their choral tasks.

Part A includes a quick introduction to posture, breathing, and voice training. Part B provides further practical exercises. Part C presents warming-up exercises developed from particular songs, motets, and oratorios, including Bach's Christmas Oratorio, Handel's Messiah, Brahms's German Requiem, and pieces by Haydn, Stravinsky, and Penderecki.

A standard work on its subject that offers a multitude of useful tips and suggestions.

Authors: Ehmann, Wilhelm / Haasemann, Frauke
first published 1984, 7th printing 2007
ISBN : 978-3-7618-0691-3
Pages: 188
With music examples and sample exercises, diagrams and notation

The translation rights are not anymore available for China, Great Britain and USA

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