Heinz Acker, Modulation

Heinz Acker's handbook on modulation is the first thorough study and presentation of this large subject.

Though frequently considered difficult and confusing, the field is presented here in a clearly structured and straightforward overview. The entire subject of modulation is systematically divided into separate topics on ca. 450 pages.
It is designed not only for students and teachers at the college level, but for interested readers looking for a standard work on this central topic of music theory and performance. With more than 600 musical examples and numerous exercises and analyses, it is primarily aimed at performing musicians and is organised to be equally suitable for self-instruction. New discoveries can be found in the chapter entitled "Modulation as a Means of Formal Design" as well as the enclosed "modulator," an adjustable disc that makes it possible to quickly find a pivot chord for any given diatonic modulation. Each chapter is preceded by a survey of historical lines of development.

The theoretical discussions are followed by exercises (at the piano) and a total of more than 300 sample modulations taken from every era of music history.

Author: Acker, Heinz
first published 2009
ISBN : 978-3-7618-2126-8
pages: 469
with many music examples and sample modulations

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