Bernhard Moosbauer: A. Vivaldi: The four seasons

Venice, Vivaldi, “The Four Seasons” – three concepts that trigger a train of associations, thanks to the world-renowned and ever-popular set of concertos, "Le Quattro Stagioni".

Here Vivaldi displayed the full spectrum of his art, from rollicking merriment to unbridled savagery in the depiction of emotions, but always with the aim of rendering natural phenomena in vivid music. This book is designed to help readers retrace the work’s genesis, shedding light on the uniqueness and craftsmanship of the concertos and coming closer to the magnetism they continue to exert to the present day.

Author: Moosbauer, Bernhard
first published in 2010
ISBN: 978-3-7618-1583-0
Pages: about 140
with music examples and illustrations

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