Composers' Portraits

Contemporary Composers

These low-resolution photographs are a selection which you can order from our Press Office. Please make your selection and let us know by e-mail the purpose for which you require the images. We will reply immediately, and provide the necessary credits for reproduction.

Dieter Ammann

(photo: René Mosele, free of copyright)

Ľubica Čekovská

(photo: Ivana Satanik, free)

Beat Furrer

(photo: EvS / Manu Theobald)

Vadim Karassikov

photo available from Tobias Bohm
Sredzkistr. 45, 10435 Berlin / Germany
mob. +49-(0)177-88 75 310

Rudolf Kelterborn

(photo free of copyright)

Philipp Maintz

(photo © Paavo Blåfield, free)

Matthias Pintscher

(Foto: Franck Ferville, free)

Andrea Lorenzo Scartazzini

(photo: LA Consulting, free)

Thomas Daniel Schlee

(photo: Herbert Lehmann, Vienna, free)

Charlotte Seither

(photo: Marko Bussmann, free)

Miroslav Srnka

(photo: Vojtěch Havlík, free)

Manfred Trojahn

(photo: Bärenreiter, free)