Composers' Portraits

Contemporary Composers

These low-resolution photographs are a selection which you can order from our Press Office. Please make your selection and let us know by e-mail the purpose for which you require the images. We will reply immediately, and provide the necessary credits for reproduction.

Dieter Ammann

(free of copyright)

Ľubica Čekovská

(photo free of copyright)

Beat Furrer

(photo: Dimitri Papageorgiou, free)

Vadim Karassikov

photo available from Tobias Bohm
Sredzkistr. 45, 10435 Berlin / Germany
mob. +49-(0)177-88 75 310

Rudolf Kelterborn

(photo free of copyright)

Philipp Maintz

(photo © Paavo Blåfield, free)

Matthias Pintscher

(Foto: Franck Ferville, free)

Andrea Lorenzo Scartazzini

(photo: Janis Huber, free)

Thomas Daniel Schlee

(photo: Herbert Lehmann, Vienna, free)

Charlotte Seither

(photo: Marko Bussmann, free)

Miroslav Srnka

(photo: Vojtěch Havlík, free)

Manfred Trojahn

(photo: Dietlind Konold, free)