Singing competition in the name of Telemann

Bärenreiter Urtext prizes awarded in Magdeburg

On 19 March the grand-finale of the 9th International Telemann Competition took place in Magdeburg, Telemann's birthplace. 41 singers were invited to participate and prizes were awarded to a lucky six. The winner of this prestigious competition was Geneviève Tschumi from Switzerland followed by Marian Dijkhuizen (Netherlands) and Johanna Knauth (Germany). Tschumi and three further finalists let the audience hear a sample of their singing with the performance of arias and cantatas. Bärenreiter was happy to support the Telemann competition by donating Bärenreiter Urtext Prizes. In the photograph the German mezzo-soprano Julienne Mbodjé accepts the voucher für Bärenreiter publications from Johannes Mundry (Bärenreiter Public Relations). (Photo: © Viktoria Kühne)