The quartet as a game

Miroslav Srnka’s new string quartet

The Czech composer Miroslav Srnka has again written his new String Quartet for the Quatuor Diotima; the quartet premieres the work on 15 January 2018 at the “Biennale de Quatuors à cordes” in Paris, followed by further territorial premieres in Brussels (24.1.2018) and at the String Quartet Festival Heidelberg (25.1.2018). In this work, Srnka analyses the traditional roles of the structure of the musicians’ parts. “Are the instruments in the string quartet just voices and the musicians just roles? Can the musicians become voices and the instruments take roles? Is the string quartet a biotope in itself, bringing predefined expectations and stereotypes with it to every new piece?” He is interested in the convention of playing techniques in the string quartet, and whether it is possible to find new archetypes for these ways of playing. It is about music-making as a game, and about the continuation of his involvement, frequently explored, with the perception of time around these new structures and patterns in today’s digital era.

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