Pulsating Energy

Swiss music prize for Dieter Ammann

The composer Dieter Ammann, whose works are published by Bärenreiter-Verlag, is to be awarded one of the 2018 Swiss Music Prizes. Born in Aarau in 1962, Am-mann leads a musical double life. As a composer, he enjoys great international success with complex scores written in the slowest of tempi and exuding rich inner life, as shown, for example, by the orches-tral work “Core – Turn – Boost” at the Lu-cerne Festival. His works almost burst with pulsating energy and tonal creativity, re-sulting in what in new music is a very rare, profoundly physical listening experience. As an exponent of jazz funk, Ammann im-provises at dazzling speed on the bass, trumpet and keyboards (“Donkey Kong's Multi Scream”).

The Swiss Music Prizes honour outstanding and innovative Swiss performers and com-posers and help them to achieve wider recognition. The prize will be presented at the “Label Suisse” festival in Lausanne on 13 September.

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