Incredible musicality

The Ensemble Caladrius wins the Bärenreiter Urtext Prize in Göttingen

Five ensembles competed in the final of this year's "Göttingen Händel Competition" but there was one unanimous winner: The Ensemble Caladrius won all three prizes of the competition. The entire jury voted to award the the Göttingen Händel Society Prize of EUR 5,000 to the young ensemble from Munich, Germany. The Bärenreiter Urtext Prize in the form of a generous voucher for Bärenreiter editions was also presented to Caladrius.

In addition, the audience vote also went to this ensemble (Sophia Schambeck [recorder], Mariona Mateu Carles [violone], Jacopo Sabina [(lute / theorbo], Georg Staudacher [harpsichord / organ] and they were awarded with the Audience Prize.

The Ensemble Caladrius impressed on all levels and delighted the jury with "their great joy in playing coupled with incredible musicality and a wealth of timbres". When they performed their contemporary piece, it was their “great dramaturgy" and the "absolute delight" regarding their well thought-through playing which wowed the jury. (Photo: Alciro Theodora da Silva)