Music for a “Theatre of the Absurd” project

The Viennese production of “Die Reise” with music by Jean Barraqué now as a video

In 1958 Jean Barraqué composed music for a project for the “Theatre of the Absurd” which never made it to the stage. In addition, the dramas of Jean Thibaudeau, on which Barraqué’s music is based, were thought to be lost. 60 years later it has now finally received its premiere in Vienna. In November 2017, at Wien Modern, the Sirene Opera Theatre featured the work as part of a theatre project in its production “Die Reise” [The Journey].

The fact that Jean Barraqué had written a “Musique de scène” was known largely through the work of Heribert Henrich – the original manuscript has now been evaluated by the musicologist Laurent Feneyrou in the Bibliothèque nationale de France and is being published for the first time by Bärenreiter.

A video of the entire production (ensemble sirene, conductor: François-Pierre Descamps, director: Helga Utz, production: Jury Everhartz) is now available on YouTube.

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