Member of Austria's Arts Senate

High Distinction for Beat Furrer

Beat Furrer has been appointed to membership in Austria's Arts Senate (Österreichischer Kunstsenat). Born in the Swiss town of Schaffhausen in 1954, Furrer has long been resident in Austria and was awarded the Grand Austrian State Prize in 2014, the prerequisite for membership in the Arts Senate.

“Furrer is one of the most highly regarded composers in the world today”, writes Josef Winkler, President of the Arts Council. “His works are heard in leading concert halls, festivals and opera houses. His original musical language, though marked by sensitivity and a corresponding wealth of refined subtleties, is by no means lacking in primal force of impact and expression, and has captured the interest of the world of music from the very outset.”

Austria's Arts Senate, founded in 1954, is tasked with representing the interests and concerns of the arts in the public arena and advising official bodies in important issues involving the arts.

Beat Furrer succeeds the writer Ilse Aichinger, who died in November 2016.