A shining light in the thicket of versions

First performance of the new edition of Bizet's “Carmen” with René Jacobs

From its premiere in 1875 right up to today, Georges Bizet's opéra-comique “Carmen” remains one of the most frequently performed operas in the world. However, it exists in various versions, some of which differ significantly from one another. The new Bärenreiter edition by Paul Prévost which appears as part of the series “L‘Opéra français” follows the approach that scholarship should not decide which version is the right or real one – and instead presents an edition containing all the surviving original versions. “Carmen” will be premiered in a concertante performance in Antwerp on 12 March 2024. René Jacobs (photo: Maria Mosconi) conducts the “B‘Rock” choir and orchestra and then takes “Carmen” on tour to Paris (14 March), Dortmund (16 March), Cologne (17 March), Hamburg (25 March) and Madrid (27 March). – For more information