Historical Woodwind Instruments

Bärenreiter Prize at the Telemann Competition in Magdeburg

Eleonora Bišćević (transverse flute, Italy/Croatia, photo: Viktoria Kühne) won the Bärenreiter Urtext Prize consisting of a generous voucher for sheet music at the 11th International Telemann Competition. This took place in Magdeburg, Telemann’s birthplace. The first prize was awarded to Nele Vertommen (baroque oboe, Belgium - Mitteldeutsche Barockmusik Prize). The second prize went to Rei Inoue (recorder, Japan) followed by Ching-Yao Wang in third place (transverse flute, Taiwan).

The international jury of experts included Barthold Kuijken (conductor/transverse flute), Carin van Heerden (oboe) and Peter Van Heyghen (recorder), Katharina Arfken (oboe), Kate Clark (transverse flute) and Michael Schneider (recorder).