Absurd farce and human depths

Miroslav Srnka’s Space Opera in Munich

A glimpse into the not-too-distant future. In their new opera “Singularity”, composer Miroslav Srnka (Photo: Vojtěch Havlík) and librettist Tom Holloway dramatize mind games about computerised people, updates, human and technical malfunctions. Their “Space Opera for Young Voices” is a fast-paced play with set pieces from the cyberworld, combining vision with an absurd farce and a glimpse into human depths. Specifically written for young voices, “Singularity” is their third commission for the Bayerische Staatsoper (after “Make No Noise”, 2011, and “South Pole”, 2016), specially written for the Opera Studio in Munich. The production for the premiere on 5 June 2021 at the Cuvilliés Theatre is by Nicolas Brieger, with conductor Patrick Hahn and the Klangforum Wien. The opera will be performed both live and as a live-stream.

Provisional score

More Information: www.staatsoper.de/stueckinfo/singularity/