How can I order a product?

You can add a product to your wish list by entering the quantity required and clicking on the button “Add to wish list”.

The selected products appear in the abbreviated form of the wish list in the right hand column. The quantity of each product can be changed by clicking on “+” or “-”.

By clicking on the button “Alter wish list” you are taken to the extended version of the wish list and can make changes again. You can delete a product from the wish list by setting the quantity to 0.

When all the products you wish to order are included in the wish list, click on the button “Dealer search” which takes you to the list of dealers. Choose a dealer by selecting a country or a country and a city and then click on “Select”.

You are now taken to Order overview. Please enter your contact details in the fields provided. You still have the opportunity to change the wish list at this point.

By clicking on “Send wish list” your wish list is sent to your chosen dealer who will then get in touch with you. You will receive a confirmation e-mail to the e-mail address you have stipulated.