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Complete Catalogues

The Programme 2013/2014

pdf (10 MB)

The Programme 2011/2012 (Chinese)

pdf (10 MB)

Music for Strings 2013/2014

pdf (10 MB)

Choir 2010/2011 (German)

pdf (3,4 MB)

Music for Piano 2014/2015

pdf (5,6 MB)

Organ Music 2012/2013

pdf (1,5 MB)

Books on Music (German)

pdf (3,1 MB)

Czech Music 2013/2014 (Bärenreiter Praha)

pdf (2,3 MB)

Mozart Complete Catalogue (German/English)

pdf (823 KB)

Choral Music 2013/2014

pdf (4,5 MB)

Stage and Orchestra

Kassel Orchestral Catalogue 2005/06
(Selected rental and sales material) (German)

pdf (656 KB)

Kassel Catalogue of Stage Works 2008/09 (German)

pdf (3 MB)

Mozart: The Works with large Scoring

pdf (1,7 MB)