New Urtext Editions for Piano from Koželuh to Satie

Discover masterpieces and hidden treasures from the period stretching from the late 18th century through to the early modern era with new Bärenreiter Urtext editions! A layout which will satisfy the highest aesthetic demands (› example ‹), with optimum page turns and fold-out pages that eliminate disruptive page-turning, make playing music a pleasure. Informative forewords to the works are complemented by advice on performance practice written, amongst others, by Ragna Schirmer or Satie-specialist Steffen Schleiermacher. In this way questions on historical performance techniques, ornamentation, pedal specifications and articulation are answered.

New editorial standards are set by the publication of the complete Piano Sonatas by Skrjabin. Besides drawing on the first edition and the autograph, it also makes use of piano rolls of the composer’s own performance of the works. The edition includes the most substantiated introduction of the works thus far, and is the first edition to include all of Skrjabin’s sonatas written during his youth. Schubert’s Moments Musicaux, Impromptus and the late piano works are presented in a generous new layout  and Schumann’s popular cycles Scenes from a Childhood op. 15 and Forest Scenes op. 82 offer - besides the original markings by the composer - Clara Schumann’s fingerings (presented by Ragna Schirmer) and pedal indications: “When one considers  […] the excellent print quality and the intelligent layout, one is almost tempted here to award the honorary title „Schumann Edition of the Year” (Piano News 2/2012).

The „Pathétique“ marks the beginning of the publication of all Beethoven piano sonatas by Bärenreiter in scholarly-critical Urtext editions. The Urtext edition of this famous sonata which is edited by Jonathan del Mar, remains faithful to the sources. In addition to a foreword regarding the genesis of the work and aesthetics, informative notes on performance practice are included and light is shed on entirely new facets of this well-known musical text.

Among the rarities presented by Bärenreiter is the first complete edition of Koželuh’s Sonatas for Clavier, which are, considering their moderate difficulty and their graceful melodies, ideally suited for piano teaching. The original version of Chabrier’s Habanera for piano appears in a scholarly-critical Urtext edition for the first time. One feels irresistibly drawn to this piece by means of  the charming Spanish character, the finely layered exploration of tonal timbres as well as rhythmic accents. Other lesser known works include Satie’s Ogives, with their medieval sound and play on echo effects, as well as the recently discovered Albumblatt by Brahms.

Right on time for the 150th anniversary of Debussy’s birth, Bärenreiter has published Debussy’s fascinating Images (1re und 2e série). These new Urtext editions present the complex works in a clear and elegant print. This work was selected for recording by the Piano Teacher’s National Association of Japan (PTNA).