Bärenreiter’s Sassmannshaus

For more than three decades The Sassmannshaus Tradition has been the household name for excellence in beginner violin, viola and cello methods in German-speaking countries. More than half a million students have successfully learned to play string instruments using these publications.

The best selling methods that gave generations of European musicians their foundation are now available in English, with content and songs adapted for today’s English speaking children.

With the publication of "Early Start on the Double Bass" students of the largest instrument in the string family can now also make use of this tried and tested method.

All violin techniques used are demonstrated and explained on the website www.violinmasterclass.com.

What makes these string methods so special?

  • The large print notes and text as well as many colorful illustrations are particularly child-friendly and attractive to pre-school and school children alike.

  • The age-appropriate text underlying some of the early pieces enables children to learn rhythms, to perceive melodies as a whole and to understand their singable qualities.

  • Songs and scales in different positions are easily explained and mastered within the first two years. This is an important advantage over methods that confine children to the first position for many years.

  • Note reading is emphasized from the first lesson – children are brought up to become proficient sight-readers.

  • Ensemble playing is encouraged from the very beginning.

  • In contrast to other beginner string methods, The Sassmannshaus Tradition progresses swiftly, introducing advanced techniques in rudimentary form such as shifting and varied bow strokes.

  • The substantial volumes (64 pages for volumes 1 and 2, 72 pages for volumes 3 and 4) contain comprehensive material and follow a carefully calibrated learning curve. They keep children curious and interested for many years.

  • Each method is suitable for single as well as group instruction for that one instrument.

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