Bärenreiter Study Score Reader FAQ

What is the Bärenreiter Study Score Reader (BSSR)?
The Reader is an app for studying digital Bärenreiter Urtext scores on the iPad (from iOS 5.1 onwards).

Where do I obtain the BSSR?
The BSSR can be downloaded via the App Store.

What does the BSSR cost?
The Reader itself is free of charge and already contains a demo version from the orchestral score of Debussy’s “Prelude à l’après-midi d’un faune“. All further scores which you wish to obtain as an In-App Purchase must be paid for.

Where do I obtain the digital study scores?
The scores can be acquired via the Reader App. The number of scores is constantly growing and consists of works mainly in the symphonic, chamber music and choral area. The Bärenreiter Study Score Reader E-Newsletter will keep you informed about new contents.

What does the BSSR offer you?
The BSSR has been designed for study purposes and offers the musical as well as written text in the superb quality which you have come to expect from Bärenreiter Urtext editions. You can easily navigate through all the sections of an edition (foreword, musical text and where applicable the critical commentary). The pages are scalable and you can add your own markings using several symbols or add your own text.

Is there a price discount if you order several scores?
No. Discounts for Educational Institutions are only granted by Apple for apps. They are not applicable for In-App Purchases. As the BSSR is free of charge and the scores are obtained as In-App Purchases, a discount relating to quantities cannot be given.

Can the BSSR present certain parts of the score as audio samples?
No. The BSSR makes use of graphics and image data which cannot be linked to midi-files or files of a similar nature.

Can I use the BSSR to perform?
The BSSR has been designed for study purposes. The size of the iPad display and the page turning function have been conceived for studying and not for performing the works.

Can the BSSR transpose?
No. The BSSR uses graphics and image data which cannot be linked to a notation software and therefore cannot be altered.

Can I use the BSSR offline?
Yes. The purchased scores remain in your possession and are loaded onto your iPad. You can make use of them at any time without an internet connection.

On how many devices can I use the study scores?
The purchased scores are linked to the customer’s iTunes account and can be accessed on all devices which are connected to this account. The App functions on iPads which use the operating system iOS 5.1 and all operating systems from iOS 5.1 onwards. It does not function on iPhones or iPods and as the display is so small it would not make sense to view or use the App here.

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